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Working Logistics Sign-In

Start Time

Sign-in typically starts around 6:30 pending on if we are set up with internet, have everything unpacked, and other things that are beyond our control. If you are working sign-in, I NEED you there at 6:30. If you know you will be late to game, message me or Amy beforehand so we know what to expect. Life happens and I get that, but please be there on time.


Going forward, we are going to have 4 people for sign-in. These 4 people will be divided into two equal groups; one group will man the computers while the other will check character sheets.

Group 1: Computers

This group is in charge of the physical process of signing people into our game, and is arguably the most important job of Logistics as a work group. These instructions fairly straightforward, but they need to be followed. The following following step-by-step process will cover 90% of cases:

  1. Find the players name on the sheet. Take their cash, and record that amount in column D.
    1. If they are not paying for whatever reason, enter .01 . This signifies that they are present at event.
    2. If this is the players’ 2nd event, delete the ‘2nd event free’ text in column D and enter .01 .
  2. Ask for their character sheet. Assign XP owed, listed in column E, to the character sheet, plus 3 XP for sign-in if they paid. Mark Y in column F. This signifies that the XP they earned was used and will be removed later on. DO NOT REMOVE XP!
    1. If they either do not have their character sheet on them or wish to bank their XP instead, mark N in column F. DO NOT REMOVE XP!!
    2. DO NOT REMOVE XP!!! Seriously people. This is just unnecessary work for me and while not impossible to reverse, I will not be happy.
  3. Record the NPC and PC shifts the player wants in columns G-J. This will allow us to track what shifts are heavy and light, as well as if we need the player where we can expect them.
    1. If they arrive past the start of GAME ON to sign in, assign them to PC 1st shift.

Additionally, if the player is brand new to Novitas, enter their information at the very bottom of the sheet. This includes their first name, last name, and gender they identify as according to a binary system (if you need more clarification on gender, please talk to your Logistics Marshal about this). Then start from step 1.

If ever there is a situation where none of the above helps, please contact your Marshal or their Second(s).

Group 2: Sheet Checking and Production

This group is in charge of checking players character sheets and making sure the math adds up. Remember that the number of skill points a player can have is their current level * 2 +4 .

  • If the player has Status, give them 20 coin * their rank in Status.
  • Additionally, this group is in charge of distributing production. Pre-production will be given to this group beforehand. Charge the player the appropriate amount, and hand them their consumables/ numbers. if they need bottles, charge 3 bottles for $1.
  • If they didn’t pre-produce, only help them if you are not busy with other duties. Prioritize checking character sheets above all else. Even if you are in the middle of helping them, if a rush of people come in to have character sheets checked, check those character sheets!


Sign-in runs from 6:30 until the start of 1st shift. If you are working sign-in and play on 1st shift, You are allowed to leave 15 minutes before the shift starts. Alert the other Logistics officers assigned to the shift what you are doing, and make sure that your duties are taken care of before you leave.

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