Silver Weapons

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Silver Weapons

Weapons made from silver make the "silver" call with attacks. Silver melee weapons may also make "blunt silver" attacks. You must always use the "silver" call with your attacks unless an attack replaces the entire call such as a "strike" call made from a mageblade attack. Specifically this means you can't choose to make a normal attack with a silver weapon.

Elven steel and silver weapons may never have blade poisons put on them. If a blade poison is applied to one of these weapons it is rendered inert and useless immediately.

Goblin iron can never be included in the construction of a weapon with elven steel or silver.

Silver weapons must be covered with white paint. If a player is using a weapon they have not yet identified but they recognize it as being made of a special material because of the weapon's color that player should make the corresponding call when attacking with that weapon.

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Silver Calls

Silver is a combat call that only has special meaning if the target has damage requirement: silver or kill condition: silver which allows the wielder to inflict damage or kill the target respectively.

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