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Each character has a spark that represents the essence of their life force. A character without a spark can't benefit from any healing effects including but not limited to alchemy, scrolls, potions or spells. This means that a fatally wounded character without a spark cannot be revived.

When a spark is stolen the character who has lost their spark is said to have been "reaped". A character can only hold one reaped spark at a time unless they have a special ability allowing them to carry more. A character can return a reaped spark they hold at any time. If a character holding an reaped spark dies, it will release the spark back to the person originally holding it. After 60 minutes a reaped spark automatically returns to its owner.

Only mediums are able to see that a character has a stolen life-spark. To check for stolen sparks, the medium must be close enough to whisper out-of-character, “I am a medium, are you holding any sparks?”. The person being addressed must then out-of-character give the truthful answer.

If a character's life-spark is not returned to it's owner's body by the end of the next game day then the effect becomes permanent (thus preventing the target from ever being revived). This length of time may span between two events if need be.

Characters holding the sparks of others are expected to remain in play to allow an opportunity to return the spark back to its owner.

Powerful rituals are capable of destroying stolen sparks forever resulting in permanent character death.

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