Specialist Titles Earned From Skills

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Specialist Titles Earned From Skills

Characters can gain a variety of special titles by buying every skill related to certain areas of specialty. Those titles are: weapon master, savant, master craftsman, and magical school master.

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Weapon Master Title

A character who has learned all 20 of the combat skills earns the title of "weapon master".

Twice per game day a weapon master may execute a "master's strike". This lets the weapon master add either the "slay" or the "pierce" call to a weapon attack. Furthermore that attack allows the character to hit for the appropriate amount of damage with a cap of up to 4 damage if they would normally be capped at a lower amount of damage.

Savant Title

A character who has learned all of the following skills earns the title of "savant".

Savants may produce a copy of any alchemical item, potion, or scroll in their possession as if they knew/ possessed the requirements (such as formulas or the spell) to make it. All other normal production rules (such as costs) still apply.

Savants also gain an additional 5 points of production which break cap.

Master Craftsman Title

Any character with 20 craft points and rank five in at least two of weaponsmithing, ornamenting, or tinkering gains the title of master craftsman.

A master craftsman gains 4 additional craft points that can break the normal limit on crafting points. Coin does not need to be spent when using these four crafting points. These crafting points don't count against point total restrictions.

For example a character with weaponsmithing five is normally restricted to crafting at most 20 point items, but a master craftsman can use these four points with their regular 20 to create a 24 point item.

Magical School Master Title

A character that has taken the magic power point skill 20 times, knows all 10 spells from a specific school, and knows the corresponding ritual skill for that school, earns the title "magical school master" or "master mage" for short.

A master mage can cast 5th level spells from a school they have mastered for only 4 magic power points.

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