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Spell Calls Listing

There are a variety of spells that each have their own call that is used during combat. Most of these spells are fairly self explanatory. For example pin causes it's victims to keep both feet pinned to the ground for the duration.

Complete Listing of Spell Effect and Item Related Calls

These calls indicate an offensive spell effect. They never inflict damage. If the call is paired with poison the attack is not a spell. Every player should try to know what these calls mean. If you have to ask questions to learn an effect, don't be afraid to do so, these can take a while to learn.

Offensive Spell Calls
Source of Call Description Call

Banish Forces a target to dissipate for 10 minutes 'Banish'

Charm Forces a target to become more friendly for 10 minutes 'Charm'

Command Forces a target to follow 'Command'

Curse Inflicts the curse condition, reducing body to 1 'Curse'

Disengage Prevents others from acting with hostility towards the caller. 'Disengage'

Dispel Removes magical effects from target. 'Dispel'

Dominate Forces a target to follow 'Dominate'

Fear Forces a target to flee, combating anyone who attempts to stop them. 'Fear'

Grounding Keeps a character from vanishing or benefiting from illusions 'Grounding'

Memory Loss Erases victims memory of the last 10 minutes. 'Memory Loss'

Pin Traps targets feet to the ground. 'Pin'

Repel Causes a target to attempt to leave immediately. 'Repel'

Silence Prevents a target from using their voice in-game. 'Silence'

Stun Target is paralyzed for 10 minutes or until attacked 'Stun'

Weaken Causes the victim to strike for half damage with physical attacks. 'Weaken'

These calls announce information about a spell effect and are never used offensively. The player affecting group are likely to affect players and they should try to learn them. The NPC affecting ones generally only impact NPC's, so players can take more time to learn what they do.

Player Affecting Announcement Spell Calls
Source of Call Description Call

Dissipate Allows a character to escape danger by becoming intangible and unfindable. 'Dissipate'

Sanctuary Creates a 20 foot bubble of physical peace around the caster. 'Sanctuary'

Unhallow Prevents the living from entering an area. 'Unhallow'

Second Breath Announces someone was revived from near-death by the second breath spell. 'Second Breath'

NPC Affecting Announcement Spell Calls
Source of Call Description Call

Sanctify Creates hallowed ground that repels undead 'Sanctify'

Ghastly Visage Caller tricks undead into thinking they are also undead. 'Ghastly Visage'

Bug Repellent Repels creatures of the insectoid type 'Bug Repellent'

Garlic Paste Repels Lesser Undead creatures 'Garlic Paste'

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