Staves of Wizardry

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Staves of Wizardry

A staff of wizardry when used by a master mage with the great weapon training skill (which is required to wield the staff) allows the master mage to reduce the magic power point cost for 2nd through 4th level spells of the master mages chosen school by one. Each staff of wizardry will only benefit a single school.

A staff of wizardry may only be crafted by a master craftsman who knows the ornamenter five and weaponsmith five skills. It costs 24 crafting points and 200 coins to create a staff of wizardry.

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Magical School Master Title

A character that has taken the magic power point skill 20 times, knows all 10 spells from a specific school, and knows the corresponding ritual skill for that school, earns the title "magical school master" or "master mage" for short.

A master mage can cast 5th level spells from a school they have mastered for only 4 magic power points.

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