Looting Items

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Looting Items

In-game theft is allowed but there are some rules to it. There are no skills that allow characters to steal, you must physically do it yourself if you wish to do it.

Other than coin, only numbered items may be stolen. Some very specific and special numbered items have special rules (Feb Feast/ Novitas New Year) that prohibit them from staying stolen for more than a short period.

Items marked with orange ribbon/ tape or in designated out-of-game areas are off limits. Under bunks is always considered out of game for the storage of personal gear. It is cheating to intentionally keep in-game items out-of-game this way if you are currently in-game.

Props for stolen items that belong to another player must be negotiated for out-of-game after the event during which they were stolen. After-all they are often a player's real world personal property.

Props for stolen items that belong to the game must be returned to the game, at logistics, should you leave the game or should your character retire.

Related Rules

Looting Encampment Items

Encampment only tinkering items are always non-lootable.

Looting Novitas New Year Items

Novitas New Year items cannot be stolen in-game as long as the original winner is in possession of it. If a character loans a Novitas New Year item to another character and that item is then stolen from the second character, the item must be returned to the owning player at the end of the event. However any current characters of the owning player may no longer use the item for as long as those characters are part of the game.

Stealing Thrown Weapons and Ammunition

If a player throws a thrown weapon or fires a missile weapon at you and you have the appropriate skill to use the weapon/ ammunition you are allowed to return fire with it. However it is very important that you know that you cannot carry that weapon/ ammunition off with you elsewhere for any reason.

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