Time Stop Calls

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Time Stop Calls

The "time stop" call indicates that game play needs to pause briefly for in-game reasons. This call is distinctly different from "game hold" because a "game hold" call indicates that play must stop for emergency out-of-game safety reasons.

When you hear someone yell "time stop" you should immediately repeat the call by also yelling "time stop". After doing this, close your eyes, and babble, ramble, mumble or hum as you prefer to reduce the chances that players can hear whatever is happening. The goal is for whatever is going on to be as much of a surprise to players as possible.

Once the person who initially called the "time stop" has accomplished what they needed to do, they must loudly and clearly count down from 3 before calling "game on!" to indicate a return to normal game play.

No normal player ability allows for the calling of "time stop". This is almost always an ability game masters will instruct an npc to do in a specific circumstance.

Source of Call Description Call

Time Stop Players stop what they are doing and cover their eyes and ears 'Time Stop'

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