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Wands are temporary magic objects that can cast a first, second, or third level spell. An expended wand's prop can be reused when creating an exact copy of the wand with crafting at check-in. There are three types of wands: lesser, normal and major. The number of magic power points a wand contains is based on what type it is. Lesser wands have 10 magic power points. Normal wands have 20 magic power points. Major wands have 30 magic power points. The prop for a wand should be between 8 and 16 inches in length. A character can carry at most two wands.

To use a wand, the wand must be in one hand with the other hand free as if casting a spell. Magic power points to pay for the spell are taken from the wand. A wand can only cast the spell that has been placed in it. In all other ways using a wand follows the rules for casting a spell.

A wand cannot be used in combat as a weapon.

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Temporary Magic Objects

A temporary magic object has a finite number of charges which once used leave the object worthless. Temporary objects can typically not be recharged. Players are required to keep track of how many uses an object has remaining (and should the item change hands for any reason you should let the new possessor know how many charges remain).

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