Weapon Definitions and Rules

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Weapon Definitions and Rules

For the purposes of some rules and skills weapons are divided into different categories. The correct skill to use a weapon and the damage a weapon can inflict are based on what type it is classified as.

Melee weapons are hand-held weapons used for close-range, personal combat.

Melee weapons are further divided into three sub-categories based on length:

Carrying a melee weapon in each hand is referred to as "dual wielding" or "two weapon fighting". Players may not carry a melee weapon in each hand at any time unless they have the appropriate skills needed to dual wield.

A thrown weapon is any weapon designed to primarily be thrown and are required to look like weapons (no throwing rocks). You may not fight in melee with most thrown weapons. Throwing weapons that contain a core can be used as a melee weapon. When used this way they follow all the rules for a melee weapon.

Thrown weapons are further divided into three subcategories based on length:

  • A standard throwing weapon is one greater than 6 and less than or equal to 30 inches.
  • A javelin is a throwing weapon greater than 30 and less than or equal to 45 inches.
  • A great javelin is a throwing weapon greater than 45 inches and less than or equal to 84 inches.

The damage a character deals with any thrown weapon starts at 1. This can be increased by skills, and sometimes other effects that increase thrown weapon damage. Thrown weapons have a natural cap on how much damage they can deal. Great javelins may deal a characters melee damage instead of thrown damage.

Missile weapons include both bows and crossbows. Modern archery equipment is not allowed though there are some exceptions for fletching and nocks. Arrows and bolts must always be fired, they can never be thrown. Bows can never be used to parry or block. If a bow is struck in melee combat it is considered destroyed until it is repaired with an effect like the mend armor spell. If attacking at a range of less than 10 feet archers are required to only half-draw their bows. Crossbows may only fire at targets under 10 feet away if their bow has been tested to have a draw of 15 pounds or less.

Missile weapon hits to a wounded limb affect the torso. If a missile weapon strikes a weapon it deals damage as if it had proceeded unimpeded. Players may never use a weapon to intentionally deflect a missile, the penalty for doing so is taking the attack to the torso ignoring any armor the player might have but not body. Shields may be used to block missiles.

Archers within reason can call hits on their targets. Abusing this can result in being barred from using archery.

If a player throws a thrown weapon or fires a missile weapon at you and you have the appropriate skill to use the weapon/ ammunition you are allowed to return fire with it. However it is very important that you know that you cannot carry that weapon/ ammunition off with you elsewhere for any reason.

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