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What to Bring to Game

"What should I bring to my first game?"

The answer is really contingent on whether or not you'll have a character ready by then. Newer players are encouraged to play a full event of NPC roles to rack up some experience and get a better feel for the game. In this case you'd need just some simple non-descriptive garb to last you two days

Sample first timer’s kit

  • PC garb.
    • Includes: Boots, medieval trousers/skirt, tunic/blouse, belt, belt pouch, cloak.
    • Only needed if you are going to play a PC
  • NPC garb.
    • Includes: Boots, neutral colored trousers, tunic.
    • Can't be your PC garb
  • Electric lantern
    • No brand-names showing
    • Glowsticks are allowed at night as well.
    • The site is very dark at night, you'll want this.
  • Extra Food for the weekend
    • The inn will provide some food for in-game coin.
    • If you have special diet restrictions you should bring your own food to ensure your needs are met
    • You may also want additional food for the evening after the game is done.
  • Drink for the weekend
    • Water is available on site
    • If you want something more be sure to bring it.
    • No alcohol is allowed at the game site, ever.
  • Medications (if applicable)
  • Boffer weapon
  • Sleeping bag/blankets/pillow
  • Sign-in Fee ($30)
  • A feast kit: bowl, spoon, fork, mug/goblet
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Seasonal gear: bug spray, thermal underwear, wool socks, gloves, hat, scarf, extra drink, firewood.
  • An open mind and a good attitude!
  • Later additions to your kit might involve things like armor, rucksacks, a trap kit, rope, canteen, extra weapons, magical treasures earned in the game, your coin and gems, a journal, quill and ink, chalk, candles, encampment props, etc. If you think you can use it, and you can carry it… go nuts.
  • An ID to verify you meet the age requirement.

Things to Avoid

  • Spending too much on armor that doesn't pass KoN armor rules and guidelines.
  • Spending too much on weapons that won't pass KoN weapon rules and guidelines
  • Expecting garb to be provided (it won't be, NPC's are provided accessories to augment existing garb)
  • Real weapons
  • Wandering around as just a spectator.
  • Alcohol. The game site is always dry. We want to maintain a healthy relationship with our hosts and respect their rules.

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