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Dark Lord of the Three
Dominion:Unrevealed to date

Shadow, the Black Dragon, He Who Is Made Of And Dwells In Darkness, He Who Must Not Be Named, Malice, Darkness has many aliases. None of these, however, are its true name. That is but one of many secrets surrounding the Leader of the Dark Three.

Its hate for Illumitas and his scions, the Sept, knows no bounds. Yet the reasons for this hate are cloaked in mystery.

Its love of deceit and trickery is known. The recruitment of Grak, the creation of Nox, the seduction of the Templars of Wahkarn are the ones known to history. Imagine what deceits have never been uncovered?

Its defeats are also well recorded, and yet it perseveres endlessly. No force is strong enough to kill it entirely, and it always manages to struggle back into the great conflict. Indeed, it is for this tireless suffering of wounds and endless commitment regardless of defeat, which renders Darkness as the chief divinity in the Snow Kingdom of Gersh. Where they endlessly suffer in the most inhospitable of landscapes, like Darkness, they too have stubbornly continued to build and conquer.

Its thoughtful malice is well marked. When Darkness has claimed victory, the loss is always terrible and absolute. No survivors, no clues, no warning. Where Grak seeks glory, and Nox works for annihilation, Darkness is clever and its goals are occluded. Despite their antagonism, Darkness keeps Grak and Nox moving in concert. Thoughtful men wonder if Grak and Nox, for all their violence and destruction, are nothing more than a distraction in some larger gambit planned and enacted at the will of Darkness. Darkness is not a berserker, and is not insane. It is cunning and clever, and rarely takes the field itself, keeping its reserves and resources hidden from the Sept.

It depictions are numerous: A black disc, the eclipse, is a representation that chills adventurers descending into a warren of Darkness. Those few records that survive the destruction of Nalbendel speak of Darkness’s legions as following a standard bearing black talons on a field of red. Its temples are often built as mazes, making the maze one of the forbidden marks associated with Darkness. In the last century, only one high priest of Darkness was every found, and when he was at last slain he carried a sword of fire and teeth. Thus the fiery bonesword is sometimes regarded as a symbol of allegiance to Darkness.

Its followers wear dark colors and meet only at night, never daring to strike a light as it displeases Shadow. Its temples, rarely discovered, are opulent, artistic affairs built with a strange black brick that always weeps and drinks in light from any torch, glow worm, or lantern. These temples and meeting places are often underground, and well guarded with traps, zealots, and magic. Its precepts and traditions are unknown to any outside the cult, and Darkness chooses its followers with careful deliberation and testing. No zealots, no madmen, Darkness’s recruits are always composed, intelligent, rational beings who leave little to chance.

Certain prophecy dreams from Draconus suggest that at the murder of Illumitas, Darkness stole a piece from that corpse before it could form into a member of the Sept. That it even now keeps this unclaimed shard in some secret place. The only other clue as to this shard, and Darkness’s plan, is that the Shard is rumored to be female.

That is all that is known, but it is enough to inspire concern in the bold, and fear in the thoughtful.

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