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Godbeast of magic, mystery, dreams, and the moon
Dominion:As of yet, unrevealed.
Precepts:Unknown, though many cults share the collection of Draconus Lore as a principle.

The Great Dragon, the Moon, Nightmare, the GodBeast, Draconus has only a few names. Draconus is represented in two forms; the silvery full moon, or a terrible dragon with wings that shade the world. Its likenesses do not acknowledge its degenerate children, the Drakes, save in their own art.

Above the masses of mortals, above the rivers, mountains, and sky itself, above the other gods and their contested concerns, watches the baleful luminous eye of Draconus. Endlessly waiting, though for what none can say.

Its power is both mysterious, and undeniable. Some suspect that the moon is an illusion, and is merely the radiant light of the Dragon’s raw power. Others think it is a giant fortress, carried up into the night sky, within which the Dragon amasses his giant hoard of treasure. Still others think the moon itself is only the Dragon’s Eye, or perhaps an Egg for its rebirth. What is known is that the moon has some mysterious power over the world. From illuminating the night’s gloom, to changing its face, to its mastery over tides and birth, to its power over shapeshifters… Draconus does not merely sleep. Something is happening.

Certain oracular dreams inspire thoughts on the GodBeast’s designs among the followers of Draconus. From traveling as a companion to the wandering Elemental, to reclaiming all its stolen magic from the world, to reviving the diluted blood of DragonKind, to providing the balance between the Sept and the Dark Three, to hunting all the other gods in return for some great theft, to gnawing on the lost souls discarded by the Stranger -- these dreams and portents are often turned into hysterical rumor, prophecies of doom, works of poetic art, or street plays for the poor. A single dream can spawn a dozen theories, which is retold into a hundred meanings. The timid will wail, rub dirt into their hair, and proceed into violent madness. In Vlean and Gersh, it is not uncommon for any such hysterical riots to be crushed by force and its leaders put to the Question – often the dreamer is lobotomized to keep the dreams at bay forevermore. In the Tribelands, however, the Dellin Tribesmen greet these dreams with great celebration, for many tribes have taken oaths that they will be the ones to slay the last true Dragon and feast on its giant heart.

Whatever mysteries and paradoxes worshippers of Draconus have, they keep secret inside their monasteries and cloisters. Never ones to build anew, the cult of the Dragon instead adopts ruins and haunted towers as its home. Over long generations, they slowly lay a deep mystical claim to the place, through some strange means.

Worshippers of Draconus are not limited to Drakes. Men and Terrans account for a vocal minority of the cult, and while Elves are welcomed, very few seek entrance into their cloisters. Snow Goblin cultists are known by name even outside the cult, as they are so few.

Different sects of the cult believe in different aspects of Draconus. Some worship fire, and use complicated alchemical reagents to somehow transmute it into dragonfire, about which they dance and exhaust themselves into vision and prophecy. Others hoard treasure, and hide whatever they find into great underground caches. One cult has taken a keen interest in Drake bloodlines, and is attempting to breed a true dragon. Still others practice Draconus’ neutrality, and either refuse to participate in the events unfolding around them, or act as negotiators and diplomats between the zealots and fanatics of both the Dark Three and their Sept counterparts. One thing all the sects share, however, is the pursuit of lore and writings on Draconus. Every cloister has a vast hidden library. The cultists and monks spend their time trying to establish patterns between these recorded works and the events that unfold in the present. Tracking prophetic dreams also has some academic credibility within the cults. Essentially, the cults are endlessly seeking a direction to rally around. Endlessly trying to solve the mystery of who Draconus is, and what it wants. For this reason, particularly stable cults are often allied with certain colleges or academics of the Scholar. Though usually, most cults of Draconus fall apart under the weight of their own impatience or arguments.

Draconus stands alone, for reasons that remain hidden. One cannot fail Draconus, as the Great Dragon hears no pleas and dispenses no mercy. Certainly, each sect of Draconus-worship develops its own rules, codes, and morality. All these may be failed or betrayed, earning the heretic a severe punishment, no doubt.

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