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Drake Background

Drakes are the offspring of ancient, long dead dragons. While Draconus has been locked away over the millennia, the once-powerful race of dragons has suffered, and has atrophied into their present state: that of the humanoid bipedal Drakes. Lacking fearsome claws, fangs, or wings, the Drakes have turned to magical pursuits to offset their loss of physical power. They are now the foremost practitioners of magic in Novitas. Drakes have no homeland, but live together in monasteries and enclaves throughout Novitas.

Drake culture revolves around the spell casters. The most powerful magic users are the leaders of each enclave, and seniority depends on magical power. Drakes who show little or no aptitude for the art are put to work at menial tasks, which encourages many of them to leave the monasteries and seek their fortune elsewhere. Often, a Drake will come into his magical heritage late in life after leaving the enclave.

Drakes live their lives in service to their monasteries, cults, conclaves, or broods, but they are also quite invested in their own personal power and are often at odds with one another. A very ambitious race, the Drakes wish to restore themselves to their former glory as dragons at whatever the cost. For many, a Drake's life pursuit is knowledge and power and to worship the Godbeast. Many others wish to accumulate wealth and magical items for their personal “dragon hoard”. A dragon hoard is considered a sacred thing, and many Drakes are buried with their hoard.

Each individual Drake exhibits a dominant color, which is indicative of what type of dragon they are descended from.

Red Drakes

Red Drakes are descended from the red dragons that made their home in the middle Kingdom of Nalbendel before it was the Freelands. Red Drakes are still seen the most often in the Freelands. They tend to be scholarly and pragmatic, friendly with other scholars and educated individuals but aloof towards the uneducated masses. Red Drakes are particularly fond of ancient texts and magical tomes.

Black Drakes

Black Drakes are descended from the black dragons that lived deep underground beneath the Daggertop Mountains between the Evenandra and the Tribelands. Black Drakes rarely come out from their subterranean conclaves. They tend to be mean and prejudiced against non-drakes. Black Drakes are particularly fond of rituals and ancient artifacts.

White Drakes

White Drakes are descended from the arctic dragons who made their homes in the northern wastes. They tend to be aloof and, well, chilly towards non-drakes. Generally, they show friendship or hatred towards Snow Goblins, and judge each other race individually. White Drakes are particularly fond of well-made weapons, especially those with magical properties.

Green Drakes

Green Drakes are descended from the forest dragons who made their homes in the forests of the Free Lands and Fionn A’ilean. They tend to be fun-loving and friendly towards non-drakes. They generally dislike Snow Goblins and Earthkin, like Wood Elves, and greatly enjoy the company of light-descended Faekin. They judge humans individually, but fairly. Green Drakes are particularly fond of magical knickknacks and items (not jewelry, scrolls, potions or weapons).

Brown Drakes

Brown Drakes are descended from the mountain dragons of Terra. They tend to be taciturn and quiet. They get along well with Earthkin and Brownies, dislike the company of Elves, and are disinterested in Snow Goblins and humans. Brown Drakes are particularly fond of precious metals and gemstones.

Blue Drakes

Blue Drakes are descended from the aquatic dragons that lived along the secluded southern coastlines. They tend to be warm and friendly towards others, almost treating them as equals (especially people who have magical skills). They get along particularly well with the Elves of Evenandra, and many make their homes along the coastlines of that country. Blue Drakes are particularly fond of magical jewelry.

Drake Religion

Drakes venerate Draconus, their imprisoned dragon god. They believe that one day, he will be born again from the egg of the moon, and descend to Novitas to restore the Drakes to their former glory. Drakes acknowledge the other gods, but do not worship them.

Drake Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Very difficult and expensive

Drake costume requires a reptilian or amphibian facial prosthetic with make-up to blend it with the skin. All exposed skin must be covered or made-up to match the facial prosthetic. Their clothing tends toward ornament and rich fabrics such as velvets and brocades, and can be from any background, as Drakes have enclaves and monasteries in every land. Due to the great difficulty and expense that goes into building a complete character and costume for this race, new players desiring to play Drakes are encouraged to seek guidance and advice from players who have previously done so.

Drake Rules

All Drakes gain Racial Language: Draconic, for free at first level.

Individuals who wish to play a drake must have their costuming approved by the Props & Atmosphere marshal prior to the first event that the character will be played.

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