The Earthkin

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The Earthkin

Earthkin Background

Earthkin are a race of subterranean miners and craftsmen. Their proximity and affinity for the earth causes small nodules and gemstones to grow from their skin.

Earthkin live in the Kingdom of Terra, and their underground capital of Earthhold sprawls beneath the glittering ceiling of a vast cavern. Their culture is law abiding, harmonious, and respects strength, good craftsmanship, and strong ale, which they drink prodigiously. They are an urban and social race, gathering together in their huge underground halls to mine, smelt and smith together. A typical Earthkin is slow to act, deliberate, taciturn, and untrusting of strangers - but once you have gained their trust, they are loyal friends.

Earthkin History

Thousands of years ago, deep below Novitas in the magical caverns of Voltanicus, the humans and elves who were originally the Smith’s folk slowly became the dour Earthkin. Their close proximity to the magic of the Smith and long exposure to the bowels of Novitas had seeped into their very bones, causing them to become a part of it. While Voltanicus was destroyed in the chaos after the dark powers were released, the Earthkin survived, and even today thrive.

Earthkin Relations with Others

Earthkin hate Snow Goblins, and dislike elves. Humans of all lands are welcome as long as they follow the laws. Faekin are alternately a welcome distraction and a nuisance with their frivolity. Drakes are accorded much respect.

Earthkin Religion

Earthkin worship the Sept. Some few venerate Grak the Destroyer, but they are usually not found in the cities.

Earthkin Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Very easy and inexpensive

Earthkin do not have any height or beard requirements, instead, the character must affix at least five coin sized gemstones to clearly visible areas of their body with prosthetic adhesive. Earthkin are also encouraged to darken their skin with grey or brown make-up, but this is optional. Their costume is typical medieval European garb, tending towards dark colors and earth tones. Earthkin often wear aprons and jewelry of metals and gemstones are common. Their warriors fight with whatever they are most comfortable with, but they exhibit a general trend toward axes, hammers, maces and pole arms.

Earthkin Rules

All Earthkin gain Racial Language: Terran for free at first level.

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