Elves of Novitas

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Elves of Novitas

Elves are long lived humanoids with pointy ears. While similar to humans, the typical Elf can expect to live about 300 years. This tends to make them more patient, and less ambitious, than other races. For an Elf, there’s always tomorrow. And the day after. Or the day after that. Elves in Novitas live in two distinct countries, the Great Forest (who refer to themselves as Wood Elves) and The Realms of Evenandra (who refer to themselves as High Elves).

Wood Elves

The Wood Elves of the Great Forest are chaotic and loosely organized. They have no cities that serve as capitals or trade centers - everyone lives in small villages and farming settlements.

Wood Elf Relations with Others

Wood Elves dislike the staid Earthkin, and get along well with Faekin. They laugh at elves from The Elven Realms, respect Drakes, and judge most everyone else on their individual merits.

Wood Elf Religion

Wood Elves worship the Sept, when they bother to pray. Their religious observances tend to resemble parties more than services, and Wood Elves are not known for their piety.

Wood Elf Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Fairly easy and inexpensive

Wood Elves must wear ear tip prosthetics. These must be affixed with prosthetic adhesive and blended with the surrounding skin using make-up. Their dress tends towards earth tones – mostly browns and greens. Warriors tend to use missile weapons, bows, or two swords, and avoid heavy armor.

High Elves

In stark contrast to the Wood Elves, the elves of Evenandra are urbane, lawful, socially stratified, aloof, and dignified. They revere the study of the magical arts and Alchemy, at the expense of martial prowess. They like trade, but engage in unfair trade practices like tariffs and quotas to always gain a favorable advantage (which agitates the Empire of Civen).

High Elf Relations with Others

Elves in The Realms of Evenandra are fascinated by Drakes, and accord them much respect. They enjoy the company of Faekin (who they view as entertaining), tolerate Wood Elves and humans from the Empire, dislike Earthkin and Snow Goblins, and have outlawed tribesmen from Dellin and priests from Vlean.

High Elf Religion

They worship the Sept with great pomp and circumstance, if less sincerity.

High Elf Costuming

Costuming difficulty: Fairly easy, but can be expensive due to garb.

Their costume is long ears and finery. Elves must wear ear tip prosthetics. These must be affixed with prosthetic adhesive and blended with the surrounding skin using make-up. Their clothing tends to be rich and ornate, if not always practical. Warriors (such as they are) tend to use spear, bow, or sword and shield – but elves from The Realms are far more likely to make their way in the world as scholars, mages, or alchemists.

External Link: These ears are NOT acceptable for costuming.

Elven Rules

All Elves gain Racial Language: Elvish for free at first level.

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