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Faekin are human, Earthkin or Elvish individuals whose ancestry indicates a dalliance with a fae. The evidence of the union appears every few generations. As the Faekin grows up, his hair and eyes gradually change color to indicate the type of ancestor he is descended from - brown for brownies, green for dryads, blue for nyads, etc. Almost any color can be rationalized, and the coloring of a Faekin often gives a clue about his demeanor. Red Faekin might have fiery tempers, while green Faekin might be earthy and wise. By the time the Faekin reaches adulthood, he is clearly different from his family and friends. (The change to Faekin ALWAYS takes place before a character enters the game. Characters who do not start as Faekin at first level will NEVER change to a Faekin during play.)

Faekin have no cities, and no homeland. They tend to be flighty and irreverent wanderers and adventurers, rarely staying in one place for any length of time. They laugh frequently, and have a generally cheerful demeanor.

Faekin Relations with Others

Faekin like elves and humans, although the repressive government of the Theocracy of Vlean disgusts them. They sometimes find Earthkin society too dour, and Snow Goblins too cruel. Tribesmen alternately terrify and delight them. They avoid Drakes, as a Drake's dedication to study and scholarly pursuits is totally alien to them, and makes them uncomfortable.

Faekin Religion

Faekin venerate the Sept, with varying degrees of piety.

Faekin Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Fairly easy, but expensive.

Their costume can reflect any background, or none, as they are wanderers. The distinguishing characteristic of a Faekin is colored costume contact lenses and a matching wig or colored hair. All facial hair must be colored to match the contacts, and a player must color his hair or wear a wig – you can’t claim your natural hair color is “red enough”, nor may you be bald. It should be visibly different and unnatural. Likewise, it is never acceptable to say that your green eyes are “green enough”. Costume contacts are a required part of the costume. Faekin warriors reflect their varied ancestries, and anything is possible.

Faekin who choose to play a character who was an Elf or Earthkin before undergoing their change in adolescence are required to fulfill the racial makeup requirements of both races, although their race is always considered to be Faekin. Faekin who grew up as Earthkin will need to wear the appropriate gems with their Faekin contacts and wig; players who are playing an Elvish Faekin are required to wear ear tips exactly as Elves along with their Faekin requirements.

Faekin Rules

  • All Faekin gain Racial Language: Sylvan at first level for free.
  • Faekin players who choose to play Elvish Faekin additionally receive Racial Language: Elvish.
  • Those who choose to play an Earthkin Faekin additionally receive Racial Language: Terran.

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