Human Cultures

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Human Cultures

Humans in Novitas come in three basic varieties: citizens of the Empire of Civen, barbarians from the Dellin Tribelands, and subjects of the Theocracy of Vlean.

The Empire of Civen

The Empire of Civen is grounded in democracy, industry, free trade, and the rule of law. It is an urban society, and its citizens congregate together in several large towns and cities. Their capital is Civenopolis. Their culture is a Greco-Roman amalgam.

Civen Relations with Others

Civenites judge people on their individual merits. Individual merit is judged mainly by the size of your purse. Drakes are highly respected. Priests from Vlean are outlawed, and although Septons are still not uncommon they are often viewed with suspicion by government officials. Civenites like Earthkin and Elves, and tolerate Snow Goblins. Tribesmen are allowed until they start breaking stuff or killing people.

Civen Religion

They worship the Sept, but religion is separate from government, and individual citizens exhibit varying degrees of piety.

Civen Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Fairly easy and inexpensive.

Their costume is typical Roman or Greek garb of any class. Togas, robes, tunics and skirts are common for men and women. Warriors tend to use swords and shields or spears. Some films that give a good idea of life in Civen are Troy, 300, Gladiator, and the HBO series Rome.

The Dellin Tribelands

Tribesmen believe in force of arms, self-reliance, martial prowess, and a lot of drinking. They are hard fighters and even harder partiers. Tribesmen are a nomadic, tribal race. When tribes meet on the steppes of the Tribelands, they are as likely to fight as they are to trade - and sometimes do both! There are no cities in the Dellin Tribelands, and each tribe sees their chief as a king. Their culture is a northern European barbarian amalgam.

Dellin Relations with Others

Tribesmen judge individuals without respect to their race or country on their physical prowess. Anyone not a warrior is a second-class citizen. Tribesmen are scared of Drakes, although they'd never admit it.

Dellin Religion

Tribesmen often worship Grak the Destroyer. Individuals sometimes venerate other gods as well.

Dellin Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Easy and inexpensive

Their costume is typical dark ages northern European garb. Furs, leathers, and kilts are all common, as is woad and war-paint. Warriors eschew shields as cowardly, but fight with whatever else they feel comfortable with. An Irish or Scottish accent is sometimes affected, and sometimes a Tribesman will simply yell everything using small words. Some films that provide good insight into Tribesmen characters are Braveheart and Conan the Barbarian.

The Theocracy of Vlean

The Theocracy of Vlean is new, having recently (100 years ago) broken away from the Empire of Civen in a vicious civil war. The civil war was precipitated by a cabal of priests who distrusted the "greedy and atheist" government of the Empire. They believe in religious piety and strong religious government led by strong leaders. The Theocracy of Vlean is a cruel, repressive place, ruled by a council of Septons who often twist the meanings of things to justify their own ends. There is one main city, Vleanoa.

Vleanoan Relations with Others

The Theocracy distrusts Civenites and Elves. Tribesmen are outlawed. Drakes are openly welcomed and secretly feared. Earthkin and Snow Goblins are tolerated if they bring trade. Faekin are ignored, or reviled as bastard offspring of monstrous unions.

Vleanoan Religion

Everyone worships the Sept with great devoutness. Worship of other deities is officially forbidden. Religion is used to justify many barbarities and crimes, including crushing taxation, slavery, Jus Primae Noctis, aggression against their neighboring states, and mutilation as punishment for minor transgressions.

Vleanoan Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Easy and inexpensive.

Their costume is typical medieval European garb, but only Septons have finery. Everyone who is anyone in Vlean is a Septon, and everyone else works for them. All nobles from Vlean are also Septons, but not all Septons are nobles. It is rare that an individual from Vlean does not wear the circle of seven somewhere on their person. Good films to watch for insight into Vleanoan culture are Ladyhawke, The Name of the Rose, and The Seventh Seal.

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