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Joy Strifeborn Entry #2 The Moon (Draconus):

"On any given night and, if you look carefully for the faint outline, you can see the Great Dragon’s eye. Long has he watched over the events of the world, working in mysterious ways known only in the smallest of parts by his worshippers. Though I count myself among his devout, and I’m often given his puzzling visions, I am still filled with questions about the moon. But over the years I have come to understand some truths about the shimmering sphere.

Some may say the moon is merely Draconus’ egg but such an explanation doesn’t account for the changes in its appearance. It is clear that the phases of the moon is Draconus blinking as such a massive being must take time to fully close and open an eye. But why does his eyelid open and close vertically? And why does it open and close in different directions? Both excellent questions I have mused on heavily.

Firstly, one can never truly understand a god. Especially a god of mysteries! However I suppose his eye must work differently than our own. The eyelid’s design is certainly not like our own and perhaps not even like his descendents’ the drakes. Secondly, perhaps the moon is not a single object! Eyes typically come in pairs and maybe when his eye fully closes or fully opens the other takes its place! It would certainly explain why the eyelid changes directions.

In essence a full moon should really be called something along the lines of open eye, while a new moon should be named closed eye.

Now you may ask… if the moon is Draconus’ eye then where is the rest of his body? An old story shared to me by Violca says that Draconus’ body is made of a constellation. Yet if that is true then why is there no complete constellation near the moon? As the tale goes, the stars for his body have fallen to Novitas during a great unknowable event. Each of these blessed stars have since taken the form of scaled stones that must be found. It is said that should you find such a stone you must then find an old tower guarded by an even older elf! Only then can the star be returned to the night sky.

Some of his faithful claim that once once the constellation is completed then Draconus will fully return to Novitas. Though I have my doubts about that, I can’t help but hope for such an amazing event. Instead I think it’s much more likely that the god’s mysteries are only just beginning. After all, were we ever meant to have all the pieces of his puzzle?"

~Joy Strifeborn

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