Nox's Influence

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"I had once hired a mercenary to accompany my bodyguard and I on our way through Pinedale and the surrounding Freelands. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but there was something off about this one, still he was the most capable swordsman in the area and the document i was transporting needed to reach Civen intact. He was mostly silent until we reached a clearing just outside of Pinedale proper. We caught sight of a group of well-armed men ahead. The mercenary started to twitch violently and erratically, incoherently rambling about 'flies' and 'walking corpses'. The armed men ahead shouted to my bodyguard and I to back away from the mercenary. We heeded their advice and the strange man, all the while twitching violently, shouted curses and obscenities at the armed men, a Civenite in particular.

Without any provocation my hired sword assaulted the entire group, while laughing his head off. He possessed unnatural strength and succeeded in striking down the Civenite, but could not finish him due to the others intervening. Before his throat was crushed he eyed all those around him with a look of madness...just laughing."

~ Grakus, citizen of Civen

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