Snow Goblins

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Snow Goblins

Might makes right to a Snow Goblin, and the strong are destined to rule the weak. Failing that, the devious will rule the trusting and stupid. Snow Goblins possess a fierce sense of honor and personal reputation, and insults or slights are often settled by elaborate duels. Snow Goblins follow their laws, and lawbreakers are punished severely.

Snow Goblins live in the Snow Kingdom of Gersh. Their capital is The Fissure, a town cut into the walls of a deep crevasse in the icy plains. Snow Goblin culture is an oriental amalgam, with evil tendencies. It is well known that the leaders of the Gersh are often seen as a malicious, evil, and oppressive regime. However, it is important to note that the average Snow Goblin is often oppressed and unhappy with the state of affairs. As such, many of them turn to lifestyles as merchants, mercenaries, or travelers to get away from this lifestyle. Snow Goblins travelling outside Gersh in an unofficial capacity are pretty much just regular folks trying to make their way in the world.

Snow Goblin Relations with Others

Snow Goblins typically hate Drakes, as they fear their magical prowess. They see Tribesmen as useful tools, and have no use for Wood Elves, who they see as chaotic and flighty. Likewise Faekin are not liked in Gersh, and no Snow Goblin ever became a Faekin. They tolerate elves from Evenandra as long as they don’t make trouble, and welcome trade from the Empire, Terra and the Theocracy. Many powerful Snow Goblins have social and economic contacts in Vlean.

Snow Goblin Religion

Snow Goblins worship anyone but the Sept, who they see as responsible for their ancient banishment to the frigid north. Worship of Nox, Grak, Darkness, and odd forms of ancestor worship, spiritualism, or animism are all common. Religion is very much a private affair in the Snow Kingdom – there are no public sacrifices or dark rituals held in town squares. Even so, the leadership and nobility of Gersh are fairly open about their homage to the Dark Triumvirate, forcing many of the average citizens to pay lip service to these gods, particularly in the military and government service. However, most of the general population of Snow Goblins actually follows a religious path of animism and ancestor worship.

Snow Goblin Costuming

Costuming Difficulty: Moderately difficult and expensive.

All Snow Goblins share two distinct traits, white skin and stark white hair. Snow Goblins have long hair of pure white that they often intricately braid or attach bones, decorations, or trophies to. Players are required to completely hide their hair under a long white wig, or be bald. Players may not claim that their own hair is sufficiently white. Players with facial hair must completely cover it with a white fake beard and mustache, or color it white.

Snow Goblins must also cover all exposed skin with white makeup. This need not be completely opaque, but must be noticeably lighter than even a pale-skinned person, particularly on the face. If the player chooses to not put makeup on certain areas, such as the hands, and instead cover them with clothing (like gloves) they cannot remove that clothing unless they first apply makeup to that area.

All Snow Goblins are further required to add at least two items of additional costuming in the form of physical irregularities. These can include things such as:

  • Pointed ears
  • Over-sized nose
  • Fangs
  • Extra limbs
  • Tail
  • Extra eye
  • Deformities (hunchbacked, etc.)
  • Horns
  • Large claws
  • Extra fingers
  • Costume contacts
  • Severe ritual scarring

These irregularities in no way grant the Snow Goblin special abilities or penalties, and once used become a permanent part of the characters costume and may not be discarded later for convenience. Unique additions and irregularities are highly encouraged and will help your character stand out.

Difficulty and cost depends greatly on the physical irregularities, deformities and mutations chosen. A player who chooses simple deformities such as fangs and horns will find their costume much easier to create than a player who chooses deformities involving prosthetics such as noses, extra eyes, scarring, etc. New players desiring to play Snow Goblins are encouraged to seek guidance and advice from players who have previously done so.

Snow Goblin clothing is an amalgam of oriental clothing or armor pieces. Warriors fight with standard oriental weapons such as katanas or naginatas, as well as oddly-shaped weapons such as the war fan, butterfly knives, the moontooth shovel, or hook swords. For those choosing to play a Snow Goblin, a simple Google Image search for “Chinese kung fu weapons” is extremely interesting and enlightening. Some films that give appropriate cues are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Seven Samurai, and The Last Samurai.

Snow Goblin Rules

All Snow Goblins gain Racial Language: Snow Goblin for free at first level.

Individuals who wish to play a Snow Goblin must have their costuming approved by the Props & Atmosphere marshal prior to the first event that the character will be played.

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