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Wraiths are godless abominations that roam the night looking for new victims to flay. Not at all the rank and file mindless undead, wraiths are smart creatures. They stalk, lurk and pounce their targets with their ethereal claws that cut right past armor, both physical and materiel. They say wraiths choose to become what they are, and (like Nosferatu) maintain their intelligence even into their undeath.

Wraiths are classed as greater undead, and are some of the most difficult undead to take down. If you're unlucky enough to come face to face with a wraith, make sure you're packing elven steel. Its the only thing on Novitas than can harm the creatures. If by some luck you manage to drop one, the job doesn't end there. To really finish off a wraith, you need to reap it.

If you are fortunate enough to have time to prepare for a wraith attack, prepare yourself for a hard fight. Not only are they resistant to any weapon not made of elven steel, but they can take a tremendous amount of punishment. They are also vulnerable to any spell powerful enough to dominate any other greater undead creature. The best option, if you think you're fast enough, is to run.

Seven damn the fool who first crossed the threshold into wraithdom.

-Septon Arcturus Valteri

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