Alchemy Five

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Alchemy Five
Skill Tree:Production Skills
Prerequisite(s):Alchemy Four
Skill Point Cost:5
Brief Description:Produce level five alchemy compounds.

Alchemy Five

Alchemy rank five allows the production of level five alchemy compounds. A character also requires a philosopher's stone in order to produce fifth level alchemical compounds.

Related Rules

Alchemy Production

Characters with levels of the alchemy skill can produce alchemical compounds of the same level or lower using production points. A character only spends production points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the preproduction system.

To produce most alchemical compounds it costs 1 production point and 1 coin per level of the compound. Some specific compounds have different costs listed in the items description.

Producing compounds of level 2 and higher also requires a variety specific foci to be presented during check-in. Level 2 compounds require a mirror of sophistry, level 3 compounds require a hermetic rod, level 4 compounds require a thaumaturgist's mortar and level 5 compounds require a philosopher's stone. If you do not have the correct foci present you may not produce alchemy of that level.

Whenever a character produces an alchemy compound that causes damage (a thrown poison, a blade poison, or an ingested poison) they produce two units of that item.

Players with the alchemy one skill may also produce alchemical extract in either one point or two point versions.

Related Items

Philosopher's Stone

A philosopher’s stone is the cynosure of an alchemist’s skill; it is the object with which they can focus their knowledge and learning to accomplish great feats.

All fifth level alchemy requires the creator to possess a philosopher’s stone that acts as a reagent to produce. A philosopher's stone has no other effects.

Production of a philosopher’s stone costs eight production points and 50 coins. Each stone is created specifically for its user. If a stone is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a new one must be created before any production of fifth level amalgams can continue.

Creation of this item requires the player provide his own prop and present it to logistics each time it is used. This can be any rock, crystal, or orb that does not look anachronistic. It may vary in size from that of a golf ball to a volley ball. This prop must be presented and approved at logistics at sign in, where it will be given a treasure ID number. It is an in-game, stealable item.

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