Battle Rituals

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Battle Rituals
Skill Tree:Magic Skills
Prerequisite(s):1 Power Point
Skill Point Cost:1
Brief Description:Participate in Battle Rituals

Battle Rituals

May participate in Battle rituals.

Also a requirement of becoming a Magical School Master in the Battle school.

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Rituals are reusable items that allow a character to create effects similar to spells but more powerful. Some specific rituals are one use consumable items, the ritual will indicate if this is the case. In addition to the requirements listed here each ritual has its own additional conditions that must be met in order to cast it.

For each school of magic required to cast a ritual a ritual user must have one ritual candle. The caster of a ritual must have all appropriate ritual skills for each school in the ritual, a physical copy of the ritual that is being cast, and the correct ritual components to cast the ritual (which will be listed on the ritual you are casting). Some rituals require more than one eligible caster to perform. Periodically rituals will require a focus. A focus is an object that must be present for the ritual to work, but it is never consumed when the ritual is cast.

Written items such as scrolls, rituals, and tomes have a fixed incant written down on them. When using one of these items you must read the incant exactly as it appears in writing. Even if you have these words memorized you are required to have enough light to read the text by and are expected to role-play reading the text from the paper.

If you meet all of these criteria all you must do to perform the ritual is follow the directions that are written on the ritual you are casting.

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