Brew Potion

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Brew Potion
Skill Tree:Production Skills
Prerequisite(s):Any Level 1 Spell, 2 Production Points
Skill Point Cost:2
Brief Description:Produce a variety of potions and oils

Allows you to produce a variety of different potions and oils.

Related Rules

Potion Production

Characters with the brew potion skill can produce potions using production points. A character only spends production points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the preproduction system.

To produce a potion you must know the spell you wish to make into a potion. It will cost 1 production point and 1 coin per level of the spell being made into a potion. The character producing the potion must also have enough magic power points to cast the spell being made into a potion. Not every spell can be made into a potion. You can find a list of spells that can be potions here.

A character with the brew potion skill can also produce potion water in either one point or two point versions.

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