Chosen Level Five

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Chosen Level Five
Skill Tree:Roleplaying Skills
Prerequisite(s):Game Master Approval, Chosen Four
Skill Point Cost:4
Brief Description:Allows the character to mark a target with the 'Smite' ability.

Chosen Level Five

The final rank of chosen allows the character to mark a single target for death once per game day. This is done by making an attack with the "Smite" call. This smite can be delivered either through a weapon or a spacket.

The chosen is also now permanently immune to 'smite' calls from others.

Related Rules

Smite Calls

A target affected by "smite" loses (and can't gain) damage requirements as well as any kill condition (damage type). Furthermore a target affected by a "smite" call may not be affected by the dissipate effects or the ley lines spell. The effect lasts for 10 minutes.

A "smite" call does not remove a kill condition (special) from its target.

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