Chosen Level Four

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Chosen Level Four
Skill Tree:Roleplaying Skills
Prerequisite(s):Game Master Approval, Chosen Three
Skill Point Cost:4
Brief Description:Cast an improved spell, gain bonus magic power 1/ gd

Chosen Level Four

Upon learning the fourth rank of chosen the character permanently chooses one of the following improved spells which they can then cast once per game day. Once the improved spell has been selected it be changed at a later date.

The improved spell picked is cast with a standard incantation by the chosen without using magic power points. This can be done once per game day. After casting the spell the chosen then gets or gives bonus magic power based on the spell used. Magic power gained from this skill can go over the 20 power point cap.

The improved spell choices are:

Related Spells

Heal Mortal Wound

Heal mortal wound will heal another character of a torso wound who is still bleeding out and not yet dead. This has no effect on limb wounds or body points, though it can be cast on characters with these injuries.

Improved Magic Armor

Improved magic armor grants 4 points of magic armor.

Reap Spirit

Reap spirit allows a character to steal another unconscious or dead character's spark. When cast on an unconscious character this spell also causes a killing blow to that character and if the target is not immune to killing blows, the target's spark is taken.

If the caster is already holding their limit of reaped sparks (typically 1) and they attempt to cast this spell it will still cause a killing blow and still counts for meeting a kill condition if appropriate, but no spark is taken.

Some creatures with great fortitude may require reap spirit to kill them permanently. When reap spirit is cast upon an undead target, the life force of the creature is far too weak to be absorbed into the caster and is instead destroyed, preventing the reanimation of that creature.

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