Chosen Level Three

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Chosen Level Three
Skill Tree:Roleplaying Skills
Prerequisite(s):Game Master Approval, Chosen Two
Skill Point Cost:4
Brief Description:Gain strength, toughness, or protection against one enemy 1/ gd.

Chosen Level Three

The chosen may declare any target their mortal enemy. This may be done once per game day and lasts for the next 10 minutes. In addition to the specific individual mortal enemy chosen this ability also works against all members of the same species for the duration. Chosen of the Sept cannot choose a player character race as a mortal enemy.

Despite the fact that you use this ability by declaring it on a target, this ability gives the chosen character the buff and it is that character's responsibility to track the effects not the mortal enemy.

Each time the chosen declares a mortal enemy they may gain one of three possible effects for the duration of the ability. A chosen may choose a different effect each time they activate this skill.

The possible effects are:

  • Toughness: When a mortal enemy deals damage to you reduce the damage as if you were monstrous. This gives no other advantages of being monstrous.
  • Strength: When attacking a mortal enemy with a damaging attack from a weapon you call for 4 damage regardless of what damage you normally call for. This effect allows you to break damage caps.
  • Protection: For the duration of the effect you are treated as having anti-magic aura up against your mortal enemies.

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Damaging Monstrous Creatures

Monstrous creatures only take, at most, one point of damage from any attack without the "slay" call.

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Anti-Magic Aura

Anti-magic aura creates a powerful magic field around the recipient that prevents all spells, both harmful or beneficial (including restoration magic). During the minute the spell lasts it automatically prevents any spell effects, or weapon attacks with the 'magic' call that hit the character.

Anti-magic aura stops creature special abilities if they are represented as a “spell effect” such as the fear ability of a bagman.

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