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Craft Points
Skill Tree:Production Skills
Skill Point Cost:1
Brief Description:Grants 2 craft points. May be taken up to ten times for a maximum of 20 total craft points.

Craft Points are required to use the ornamenter, tinkerer, and weaponsmith skills.

Each time you take this skill up to 10 times you gain 2 craft points, for a maximum of 20 craft points.

These points are shared in a common pool used to craft items with the ornamenter, tinkerer, and weaponsmith skills. Your craft points are spent when you check-in, and refresh each new event that you attend.

Note that production points are a different pool, used for other skills.

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Craft Points and Related Skills

Craft points are used with the ornamenter skill to craft magic objects, with the weaponsmith skill to craft enhanced weapons, and the tinker skill to creating tinkering items. A character only spends crafting points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the pre-production system. Unlike production points you may not purchase additional crafting points at check-in.

Third level spells and lower can be imbued into magic objects to create per game day items with one use per game day. The spell being imbued must be known by the character crafting that object or be provided by a consumable such as a scroll (the character must be able to read magic to use a scroll). Other characters, or other imbued items do not count as providing access to a spell.

Characters are capped at a total of 20 crafting points from all sources.

Master Craftsman Title

Any character with 20 craft points and rank five in at least two of weaponsmithing, ornamenting, or tinkering gains the title of master craftsman.

A master craftsman gains 4 additional craft points that can break the normal limit on crafting points. Coin does not need to be spent when using these four crafting points. These crafting points don't count against point total restrictions.

For example a character with weaponsmithing five is normally restricted to crafting at most 20 point items, but a master craftsman can use these four points with their regular 20 to create a 24 point item.

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