Druid Level Four

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Druid Level Four
Skill Tree:Roleplaying Skills
Prerequisite(s):Game Master Approval, Druid Three
Skill Point Cost:4
Brief Description:Can swing for Primal damage 1/ gd

Druid Level Four

A druid at this rank may call upon a primal fury once per game day. This is a custom spell that must be cast as normal with an incant but costs no magic power points. The ability functions for 1 minute and lets you attack for "primal" damage. In all other ways it functions as if you had just cast the primal form spell but you do not gain nature immunity

Related Spells

Primal Form

A character who is enhanced by primal form becomes attuned with the ancient forces of the elements. Their skin hardens like stone, with eyes burning like lava, their motions are fluid like a rolling river, and they strike foes with gale-force might.

The character is immune to nature damage for the duration of this spell. In addition, the character's weapons can deal primal damage.

The character can still use abilities and items that make other calls, such as using an elven steel weapon, but under no circumstances can the character attack for normal damage because of all the elemental energy surrounding them.

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