Estimate Value

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Estimate Value
Skill Tree:General Skills
Skill Point Cost:2
Brief Description:Know monetary value of non-magical treasure

Estimate Value

Characters with the estimate value skill are proficient in the appraisal of valuable non-magical objects such as gems and jewelry. Every valuable object in game is indelibly marked with a number that acts as a code for the object’s value. A master list in logistics lists the numbers and the corresponding values of every object in game.

A character with the estimate value skill is allowed to use provided estimate value lists compiled by logistics to have its value appraised. Players can alternatively use the following web app to identify their non-magical loot on the spot. Item Look-up Web App

Not all numbered items have a value, some items are numbered because they are magic items. Magic items can have a value, but not every magic item has a value.

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Coin and Currency in Novitas

Coin is the basic unit of currency in the Kingdoms of Novitas. One copper piece is commonly referred to as one coin. A silver piece is worth ten coin. Currently the most valuable unit of currency an "exotic" coin also known in-game as a "slave token". These larger pieces of metal have symbols pressed into them and are notably heavier than a standard coin. Each is worth one hundred coin.

Other alternate currencies exist such as the sea shells used by piscenes, or gems valued by many. The estimate value skill allows players to identify the coin value of any unusual item their character comes across. These values represent how much coin cost can be paid for with that item during sign in if you have a cost you wish to pay with the item. Between two characters the value has no bearing, a character can offer whatever price they deem appropriate and a seller can accept that offer or not as they wish. It is also possible to sell an object in-game if the value of the object is not known to any of the characters involved.

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