First Aid

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First Aid
Skill Tree:General Skills
Skill Point Cost:1
Brief Description:Basic medical skills

First Aid

A torso wound will knock a character unconscious. Once unconscious they will "bleed out" in 10 minutes. Characters with the first aid skill can increase the time it takes to "bleed out" by an additional 10 minutes with appropriate role-playing. If the bleeding isn't stopped in time the character will die.

To administer a potion to a helpless character you must have the first aid skill.

The first aid skill allows a character to ask simple medical based questions of another player, such as: “Were these wounds caused by a blunt weapon or a bladed one?”. This applies to visible conditions only. Questions regarding ailments or afflictions are reserved for the diagnosis spell.

A character with the first aid skill can wake a character who is unconscious from a blunt torso wound before the wound heals from 10 minutes passing. This counts as healing the torso wound. Limb wounds and body points cannot be healed by first aid in this way.

Should a character take "blunt poison" damage, the poison condition will wear off in 10 minutes. A character with the first aid skill can remove the poison condition in this circumstance (and only this circumstance). "Blunt disease" damage works the exact same way including removing the diseased condition with first aid in this situation (and only this situation).

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