Melee Proficiency

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Melee Proficiency
Skill Tree:Combat Skills
Prerequisite(s):Melee Training
Skill Point Cost:3
Brief Description:Deal 2 damage with melee weapons

Melee proficiency increases the damage a character inflicts with a melee weapon. Characters with this skill strike for a total of 2 points of damage per hit in melee.

Related Rules

Melee Damage

The damage a character deals with any melee weapon starts at 1. This can be increased by skills, consumables, spells and other similar effects that increase melee weapon damage. Melee weapons have a natural limit on how much damage they can deal.

Melee Damage Caps

When wielded by themselves melee weapons have a cap of 4 damage

While dual wielding your melee damage is capped at 2.

Wielding a shield in combat limits your melee damage to a cap of 2. Note that passive bucklers do not have this cap.

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