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Melee Use
Skill Tree:Combat Skills
Skill Point Cost:0
Brief Description:Use non-martial weapons (under 35 inches long). Deal 1 damage in melee.

Melee Use is less of an official skill to be purchased, than an innate ability that every character has access to during a Kingdoms of Novitas event. Similar to speaking in "Common", any and every character may use a non-martial weapon, which will deal a total of 1 damage per hit.

Related Rules

Non-Martial Weapon Rules

A non-martial weapon is any melee weapon under 35 inches in length.

Non-martial weapons can be wielded one handed or two handed depending on personal preference.

The damage a character deals with any melee weapon starts at 1. This can be increased by skills, consumables, spells and other similar effects that increase melee weapon damage. Melee weapons have a natural limit on how much damage they can deal.

All characters get the skill to wield a non-martial weapon for free, but require specific skills to wield more than one, or to wield one with a buckler or a shield.

Related Prop Guidelines

Weapon Props

Props for weapons have certain requirements to be used in play. If a weapon is rejected for not being safe but is found still being used it may be summarily destroyed to ensure an unsafe weapon is not brought onto the field.

Melee weapons props, thrown weapons props, and missile weapons props each have slightly different requirements for being legal for game use.

In addition to a weapon needing to meet standards for safety the appearance of the weapon indicates certain information. The following colors are reserved for and required by special materials:

  • Elven steel weapons must be covered with black paint then decorated with natural looking thin white veins.

  • Nature weapons must have the blade or any striking surface covered with red paint.

  • Primal weapons must be covered with red paint and decorated with lightning-like lines of black crisscrossing the surface.

  • Weapons made of more than one exceptional material must conform to all color requirements, usually this is done by coloring each cutting edge of a sword as a different material.

While not a special material one last item deserves note. A master's blade must have an above average looking prop to represent it.

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