Merchant Level One

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Merchant Level One
Skill Tree:Roleplaying Skills
Prerequisite(s):Game Master Approval
Skill Point Cost:4
Brief Description:Title. Can trade consumables for other consumables. Sell goods.

Merchant Level One

Upon learning the first rank of merchant a character gains the title of "merchant" (or whatever best suits you).

Non-player character merchants prefer to speak to player character merchants, like how NPC nobles or NPC dryads prefer to speak to a PC with status or PC druids respectively.

Only a merchant can advertise wares. This means only a merchant can have a shop, put out a spread somewhere, post wares on the forums, hawk their stuff, etc.

At sign-in, a merchant can trade in any number of potions, scrolls, and/ or alchemy items in exchange for any combination of potions, scrolls, and/ or alchemy items with the same total number of levels. The items the merchant receives are limited to a maximum level of the merchant's highest merchant skill rank.

For example, a rank 4 merchant could trade in a maelstrom (level 4) scroll in exchange for a claw of the beast (level 4) alchemy compound. That same rank 4 merchant could also trade-in during the same event a dissipate (level 2) potion and a scroll of restore limb (level 2) in exchange for a scroll of ablative armor (level 4).

You must use Kingdom's of Novitas' pre-production system to use this ability.

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