Missile Expert

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Missile Expert
Skill Tree:Combat Skills
Prerequisite(s):Missile Proficiency
Skill Point Cost:2
Brief Description:Missile weapons deal 3 damage or '1 pierce'.

A character with missile expert deals a total of 3 points of damage per with a missile weapon.

A character using a bow may voluntarily inflict half the damage they are capable of (rounded down) to add the "pierce" call to an attack.

If a crossbow has a stirrup, goatsfoot lever, or other comparable device it calls for "pierce" damage.

Related Rules

Pierce Calls

Damage with the "Pierce" call ignores any physical armor, magical armor, or natural armor the target might have. This means that damage not prevented by an immunity or a prevention effect is applied to the targets body first and as a limb or torso wound if they run out of body.

Missile Weapon Damage Cap

Missile weapons have a cap of 4 damage.

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