Ornamenter Five

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Ornamenter Five
Skill Tree:Production Skills
Prerequisite(s):Ornamenter Four
Skill Point Cost:5
Brief Description:Create non-weapon magic items with up to 20 craft points

Ornamenter permits the creation of magical gear which characters can wear on their body. With level five ornamenter you may spend up to 20 craft points on any given item. There is a maximum number of craft points a character can spend on an item based on where on the body the item will be worn. A list of features that can be put into a magical object can be found here.

Craft Points are required for Ornamenting, Tinkering, and Weaponsmithing.

Related Rules

Magic Item Crafting

Characters with the ornamenter skill can craft non-weapon magic items using crafting points. A character only spends crafting points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the pre-production system.

Magic objects created with the ornamenter skill can have multiple enhancements purchased for them. The crafting point cost to make a magic object is based on this table. For each craft point spent an additional 5 coins must be spent to create a magic object.

Objects have a maximum crafting point value based on the location on the body they are worn.

Ornamenting Craft Point Costs

These are enhancements that can be added to magic objects.

A +1 armor point bonus must be crafted into worn armor. This bonus cannot be dispelled, it is a permanent improvement to the armor's physical armor points that is always active. This bonus does not stack with the enhance armor spell. Physical armor has a cap of 4 points.

Items which grant +1 or +2 bonus magic power points are treated like gaining additional ranks of the magic power point skill which refresh at convergence as normal. A character can only spend a total of 20 magic power points between any two convergences unless an ability or effect explicitly allows them to break that limit.

Ornamenting Enhancement Costs

Stats Bonuses With Normal CapsCraft Points
+2 Production Points4
+2 Craft Points4
+4 Production Points8
+4 Craft Points8
+1 Magic Power8
+2 Magic Power12
EnhancementsCraft Points
+1 Armor Point to Armor (see here)8
Nature Immunity12
Imbuing a SpellCraft Points
Imbue with 1st Level Spell4
Imbue with 2nd Level Spell8
Imbue with 3rd Level Spell12
WandsCraft Points
Lesser Wand4
Normal Wand8
Major Wand12
RodsCraft Points
Rod of 1st Level Spell8
Rod of 2nd Level Spell12
Rod of 3rd Level Spell16

Crafting Point Limits by Location

SlotMaximum number of craft points allowedExample PropUnacceptable Props
Shield20A ShieldThings that are not shields
Torso20Shirt, breastplate, vest, surcoat, really well constructed tabard, jacket, coat, tunic, bodice, chemise, dress, robe, chain hauberk.bandoleer, nipple piercing
Feet20Boots, sandals, shoes, sabatons. Items should be in pairs except in rare and exceptional circumstances.Ankle straps, spurs, toe rings, socks.
Head16Helmet, hat, elaborate headband, tiara, crown, coif, hood, mask.Scarf, bandanna, hair accessories, facial jewelry, earrings
Leg16Greaves, pants, full leg armor, non-armor skirt. Loincloths and other articles of clothing clearly worn beneath the waist. Leg items that can come in pairs should except in rare and exceptional circumstances.Leg warmers, ankle or boot wraps, garters.
Arm16Bracers, arm armor, rerebraces. Arm items come in pairs except in rare and exceptional circumstances.arm cuffs, arm warmers.
Waist12Belt, sash, chain skirt, war belt, cingulum militaire, waist cincher, elaborate chain belt.SImple Waist chain, belly button piercing.
Shoulder12Spaulders, mantle, pauldrons, elaborate shawl. Shoulder items that can come in pairs should except in rare and exceptional circumstances.Besegews, epaulettes, parrot.
Hand12Glove, Gauntlet, Ring+Chain+Bracelet combination-thingies. Hand items come in pairs except in rare and exceptional circumstances.Half-Gauntlets (modern anachronistic SCA Invention).
Back12Cloak, Cape 
Neck8Ornate or Elaborate Necklace, choker, gorget, chain of office, torc, collar, bevor, stole.Simple necklace or chain
Wrist8Cuffs, ornate or elaborate bracelet, manacles. Wrist items that can come in pairs should except in rare and exceptional circumstances.Simple bracelet or cuffs.
Ankle8Ornate or elaborate anklet, shackles, ankle cuffs. Ankle items that can come in pairs should, except in rare and exceptional circumstancesSimple anklet or ankle cuffs.
Ring 18Ring 
Ring 28Ring 
Accessory4Backpack, quiver, sheath, belt, pouch, haversack, frog, scabbard, earring, bandoleer, spurs and straps, glasses, goggles, scarf, anything worn on your body.Anything that obviously fits in another slot, anything not worn.

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