Racial Language

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Racial Language
Skill Tree:General Skills
Skill Point Cost:1
Brief Description:Speak and be literate in one racial language, may be taken multiple times.

Racial Language

Racial languages allow a character to read, speak, and write in that language. Each time a character takes this skill they may select one language to learn. A character may learn common languages without a tutor and may be learned by starting characters freely. Uncommon languages function just like common languages, but are not actively spoken in the world. Rare languages must have game master approval and require a tutor to learn. The language of the druids can only be learned through druid skills.

Common Languages:

  • Elvish
  • Terran
  • Snow Goblin
  • Draconic
  • Sylvan

Uncommon Languages

  • Andaranien.

Rare Languages:

  • Canine
  • Apian
  • Diabolic
  • Black Speech
  • Thieves' Cant
  • Immortal.

The following file contains writing samples in Elvish, Terran, Draconic and Snow Goblin scripts. Players may familiarize themselves with the look and feel of those languages if they wish.

Players who have learned a racial language, or are a non-human race that has a language, may request the key from logistics to translate that language at sign-in.

Related Rules

Written Magic Items

Written items such as scrolls, rituals, and tomes have a fixed incant written down on them. When using one of these items you must read the incant exactly as it appears in writing. This requires knowing the appropriate language for texts not written in common. Even if you have these words memorized you are required to have enough light to read the text by and are expected to role-play reading the text from the paper.

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