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Read Magic
Skill Tree:General Skills
Skill Point Cost:2
Brief Description:Use magic scrolls

Read Magic

Read Magic allows a character to read magical text and use scrolls.

Related Rules

Scroll Rules

A scroll is a one use consumable item. Characters with the read magic skill can cast the spell listed on the scroll without spending any magic power points.

Written items such as scrolls, rituals, and tomes have a fixed incant written down on them. When using one of these items you must read the incant exactly as it appears in writing. This requires knowing the appropriate language for texts not written in common. Even if you have these words memorized you are required to have enough light to read the text by and are expected to role-play reading the text from the paper.

Scrolls follow all the other normal steps to casting a spell.

You can only use scrolls that contain a range of self if you know the spell on the scroll. When you cast such a scroll you treat it as if you cast the spell regardless of who wrote the scroll (this is important for ley lines).

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