Two Weapon Fighting

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Two Weapon Fighting
Skill Tree:Combat Skills
Prerequisite(s):Melee Training
Skill Point Cost:2
Brief Description:Dual wield two non-martial weapons.

] Two weapon fighting allows a character to use a weapon in each hand during combat. A player may only use non-martial weapons at this level of skill.

Related Rules

Dual Wielding Weapons

Carrying a melee weapon in each hand is referred to as "dual wielding" or "two weapon fighting". Players may not carry a melee weapon in each hand at any time unless they have the appropriate skills needed to dual wield.

The damage a character deals with any melee weapon starts at 1. This can be increased by skills, consumables, spells and other similar effects that increase melee weapon damage. Melee weapons have a natural limit on how much damage they can deal.

While dual wielding your melee damage is capped at 2.

Fighting with two weapons requires one of three skills based on what combination of weapons you are using.

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