Weaponsmith Five

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Weaponsmith Five
Skill Tree:Production Skills
Prerequisite(s):Weaponsmith Four
Skill Point Cost:5
Brief Description:Craft weapons worth up to 20 craft points

Weaponsmith Five

Weaponsmith rank five allows a character to craft weapons.

With the weaponsmith five skill you may craft items worth up to 20 crafting points.

Related Rules

Weapon Crafting

Characters with the weaponsmith skill can craft weapons using crafting points. A character only spends crafting points when you first check-in for an event. In order to create items you'll have to learn to use the pre-production system.

Weapons created with the weaponsmith skill can have multiple enhancements purchased for them. The crafting point cost to make an enhanced weapon is based on this table. For each craft point spent an additional 10 coins must be spent to create an enhanced weapon.

Ammunition is crafted in groups of 4 which count as a single weapon when calculating costs. If the ammunition is imbued with a spell, one of the 4 items has the spell and the other three count as magic weapons. For other enhancements each piece of ammunition is created with that enhancement.

A weapon imbued with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd level spell is considered a magic weapon at no additional cost.

Weapon Crafting Point Costs

When you are crafting a new weapon you must pay a number of crafting points based on what you are creating. Every weapon will have a starting cost based on what type of weapon it is. From there you can select any feature you want, such as crafting the weapon from one or more magical materials, giving special abilities to the weapon, or imbuing a spell into the weapon.

Weapon Crafting Costs

Weapon Base TypeCraft Points
Non-Martial Melee Weapon0
Martial Melee Weapon4
Great Weapon16
Thrown Weapon0
Bow or Crossbow4
Arrows or Bolts0
Special MaterialCraft Points
Goblin Iron8
Elven Steel20
Special AbilityCraft Points
Mage Blade12
Master's Staff of Wizardry24
Master's Blade24
Imbued SpellsCraft Points
Imbue with a 1st Level Spell4
Imbue with a 2nd Level Spell8
Imbue with a 3rd Level Spell12

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