Anti-Magic Shield

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Anti-Magic Shield
Type: Aegis
Level: 2
Prerequisite: Level 1 Aegis Spell
Duration: Game day or until discharged
Range: Touch
Target: Character
Flag Required: Person
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Prevents the next spell, or attack with the 'strike' call to hit the target

Anti-Magic Shield

Anti-magic shield creates a powerful magic field around the target that absorbs the next offensive magic spell to hit them. The shield is a one time prevention effect that automatically negates the next offensive spell effect, or attack with the 'Strike' call, that hits the character. Creature special abilities that act like spell effects, such as a 'fear' call from a bagman, are also stopped.

If you are hit by an attack that could trigger the shield but which doesn't apply to you the shield is not consumed. For example if you are a living creature hit by repel undead the attack would normally have no effect so the shield is not consumed.

Related Rules

Strike Calls

A strike call indicates that a weapon attack is inflicting a spell's effects instead of its normal damage. 'Strike' attacks always deal a fixed amount of damage based on the spell being used instead of your standard weapon damage. Things that improve your weapon damage have no impact on an attack with the 'strike' call.

Strike calls may never be made blunt even if they come from a melee weapon.

Poison Attacks Are Not Spells

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

Acid Attacks Are Not Spells

When the acid call is part of an attack, that attack never counts as a spell. This means that an immunity to spell effects does not apply. The attack is an acid effect.

Magic Calls and Spells

It should be noted that weapon attacks that make the magic call are different from a spell. The only time a weapon attack counts as a spell is if it uses the strike call.

Detailed Interactions

Dispel Magic and Anti-Magic Shield

The dispel magic spell is intended to remove all magical effects on a character, while the anti-magic shield spell is intended to stop effects like dispel magic from taking effect. Because these two effects are in direct conflict of intention, we compare the spell levels of each. Dispel magic is a fourth level spell, and anti-magic shield is a second level spell, so the dispel magic spell wins, and removes not only the anti-magic shield but all other spell effects on the defending player.

Aura of Reflection and Anti-Magic Shield

Both aura of reflection and anti-magic shield are prevention-type effects with limited charges. Because aura of reflection is a higher level spell, it will take effect first, reflecting a valid attack before the anti-magic shield prevents the attack. When attacked by a valid attack you would call "reflect", expending one charge from your aura of reflection and your anti-magic shield would remain for a future effect.

Enchant Shield and Anti-Magic Shield

If a spell effect tag bag strikes your shield while has enchant shield on it and you have anti-magic shield on you the charge from the enchant shield will be used up first because it applies to fewer situations (just spell tag bags hitting your shield, instead of both spell tag bags AND strike calls hitting anywhere).

Medium Five's Speak With Dead and Aegis Spells

The spells anti-magic shield, anti-magic aura, and aura of reflection (and the alchemy compound ethereal sealant) all prevent (or reflect) spells from affecting you. Because the medium five ability "speak with dead" is treated as a spell that is cast on a dead character's body, each of these effects will prevent (or reflect to a living character) the speak with dead spell, preventing one casting of it. A "No Effect" call must be made whenever an attack successfully hits you but does not inflict damage (or does not take effect in the case of spells) so that the attacker knows-that-you-know the attack successfully hit and so that they know they may need to attack with something different.

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