Battle Mastery

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Battle Mastery
Type: Battle
Level: 5
Prerequisite: Level 4 Battle Spell
Duration: Game Day
Range: Self
Target: Self
Flag Required: Person
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: You may use any weapon or shield, and are immune to all magic damage.

Battle Mastery

Battle mastery grants the use of the following combat skills, regardless of prerequisites or actual character skills:

These skills do not change the damage a character deals; it simply allows the character to use any weapons at hand. Other effects can change the character's damage as normal.

Battle mastery also grants immunity to attacks with the "magic" call.

Related Rules

Incompatible Immunities

No combination of effects can make you invulnerable to all damage. The last effect received that would create an invulnerable situation is automatically prevented.

The following spells and effects may never stack with each other:

Elven Steel Calls

Elven Steel is a combat call that counts as both a silver call and a magic call whenever it would be beneficial to do so. If the target of an attack has a damage requirement or a kill condition that requires magic, silver, or elven steel the character will inflict damage or kill the target respectively.

"Elven steel" calls do not count as "magic" or "silver" if this would be detrimental. This means that effects granting immunity to magic or silver would not prevent damage from elven steel attacks.

Primal Calls

Primal is a special combat call that also counts as both a "nature" call and a "magic" call if those calls would be beneficial. Primal has a special meaning if the target has damage requirement or a kill condition requiring: magic, nature or primal; allowing the attacker to inflict damage or kill the target respectively.

Primal damage does not count as being nature or magic damage when it would be disadvantageous. Immunity to magic or nature damage does not prevent primal damage.

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