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Type: Restoration
Level: 1
Prerequisite: 1 Magic Power Point
Duration: Instant
Range: Touch
Target: Character
Flag Required: None
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: Reveals all non-magical ailments, presence of a spark.


The diagnosis spell allows the caster to discern all ailments and internal effects acting on the target, including poisons, disease, madness, magical afflictions, compulsions, pregnancy, or other sicknesses. If cast upon a corpse, it will reveal the cause and method of death. Diagnosis will detect the presence of the target's own spark. While using diagnosis the caster is protected from catching any harmful afflictions from examining the subject. Effects such as memory loss must be diagnosed before they can be successfully treated.

Diagnosis is intended as a means to examine the internal conditions and magical workings of a target, as opposed to identifying the nature of external injuries which are the purview of the first aid skill.

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