Dispel Magic

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Dispel Magic
Type: Enchantment
Level: 4
Prerequisite: Level 3 Enchantment Spell
Duration: Instant
Range: Tag bag
Target: Character, object, or magic field
Flag Required: None
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: Creates a dart which causes 'dispels magic'.

Dispel Magic

The dispel magic spell creates a single tag bag that can be thrown to cause 'dispel magic'.

Detailed Interactions

Dispel Magic and Anti-Magic Shield

The dispel magic spell is intended to remove all magical effects on a character, while the anti-magic shield spell is intended to stop effects like dispel magic from taking effect. Because these two effects are in direct conflict of intention, we compare the spell levels of each. Dispel magic is a fourth level spell, and anti-magic shield is a second level spell, so the dispel magic spell wins, and removes not only the anti-magic shield but all other spell effects on the defending player.

Dispel Magic and Anti-Magic Aura

Because anti-magic aura is equal level to dispel magic the dispel does not have any effect, not even to remove the anti-magic aura effect.

Aura of Reflection and Dispel Magic

Dispel magic removes all spell effects from a target, aura of reflection is a spell effect that prevents effects like dispel magic. These two spells come directly into conflict. In this scenario aura of reflection works a little differently than normal. It partially prevents the dispel magic, stopping it from dispelling other spell effects on the defender. This is not a reflection effect but it does consume one charge from the aura of reflection. The proper call when this happens is "no effect".

Related Rules

Dispel Calls

The dispel magic call represents focused anti-magic that can be used to disrupt all of the magical effects on a target. When a target is hit by the dispel call, all non-permanent magical effects currently active are said to have been "dispelled". This means that they end immediately. Any spell cast on you with a duration longer than instant creates a magical effect until the duration runs out.

Items such as dilution solution create the dispel alchemy call which removes all effects from alchemical compounds on the target, other than poisons.

Tinkering items hit by a dispel magic call, have any active abilities turned off and the item’s magic is suppressed for 10 minutes. The affected item(s) must be “turned on” again to work. Please note that this effect does not apply to ornamented or weaponsmithed items, only tinkering items.

It is possible to target a magical field with a dispel effect. Magical fields include effects like sanctuary or sanctify. To do so simply requires the dispeller to hit the object protected by the field or the ground inside the field’s area of effect. Magical fields gain no benefit from any magical defenses their caster might have active at the time.

Once effects are dispelled, they may be reapplied at any time assuming the target has the means to do so.

It is possible for this call to affect other scenario specific magic, but a game master will deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis. As a rule of thumb, dispel affects only creatures and their spells.

A caster can voluntarily dispel a spell they have cast at any time by touching the spell's target. If the target is conscious and unwilling to have the effect dispelled then they may not be dispelled this way. If the caster of a spell dies, spells they have cast continue functioning as normal.

The dispel magic call never inflicts damage.

Unless modified by another call (such as poison) dispel magic is a spell effect.

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