Elemental Weapon

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Elemental Weapon
Type: Nature
Level: 3
Prerequisite: Level 2 Nature Spell
Duration: Game Day
Range: Touch
Target: Weapon
Flag Required: Weapon
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Weapon touched deals nature damage.

Elemental Weapon

Elemental weapon temporarily enhances a weapon to change the damage it deals to "nature" damage. This does not make the weapon a nature weapon for the purpose of any other rules. Blade poisons may still be applied to the weapon.

Related Rules

Nature Calls

Nature is a combat call that only has special meaning if the target has damage requirement: nature or kill condition:nature which allows the wielder to inflict damage or kill the target respectively.

Changing Weapon Calls

When an effect allows you to call for something different with a weapon than you would normally call, you must choose which call to use when you make your attacks. If the something different only applies to the "next successful hit", and you choose not to use it when you make that hit, the effect is wasted.

For example if a character who deals 2 damage with each melee attack has a sword that deals "Nature" damage and they apply Scorpion's Kiss to that weapon so that it can deal "poison weaken" damage for the next successful hit. When they make that successful hit against an opponent they can choose to call "2 nature" or "poison weaken". They may not call "2 Nature poison weaken". Regardless of the effect they choose, the Scorpion's Kiss will be expended after that successful hit.

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