Enchant Shield

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Enchant Shield
Type: Enchantment
Level: 2
Prerequisite: Level 1 Enchantment Spell
Duration: Game day or until discharged
Range: Touch
Target: Shield
Flag Required: Shield
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Shield touched absorbs next magical dart

Enchant Shield

Enchant shield magically enhances a shield prop to allow it to prevent the effect of the next spell delivered by tag bag that hits the shield.

Related Rules

Poison Attacks Are Not Spells

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

Acid Attacks Are Not Spells

When the acid call is part of an attack, that attack never counts as a spell. This means that an immunity to spell effects does not apply. The attack is an acid effect.

Tag Bags and Shields

If a shield is struck by a tag bag what happens is based on what kind of attack struck the shield. When the tag bag represents a spell or other magical effect you take any effects the tag bag would inflict to the arm holding the shield. When a tag bag deals normal damage with no additional calls it may be fully blocked by a shield preventing that damage with no further effect. A shield may fully block any attack that makes the poison call, preventing any effect to the bearer. When a shield blocks an attack with the acid call it prevents the effect of that attack to the bearer but this has an effect on the shield, which could become destroyed.

No Effect Calls

This is one of the few defensive calls in the system. It is used to indicate when an opponents offensive combat call doesn't have any impact on another character. This could be because of an immunity or because of a one use spell or effect such as from Spirit Shield.

A "No Effect" call must be made whenever an attack successfully hits you but does not inflict damage (or does not take effect in the case of spells) so that the attacker knows-that-you-know the attack successfully hit and so that they know they may need to attack with something different.

Detailed Interactions

Enchant Shield and Anti-Magic Shield

If a spell effect tag bag strikes your shield while has enchant shield on it and you have anti-magic shield on you the charge from the enchant shield will be used up first because it applies to fewer situations (just spell tag bags hitting your shield, instead of both spell tag bags AND strike calls hitting anywhere).

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