Ley Lines

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Ley Lines
Type: Nature
Level: 5
Prerequisite: Level 4 Nature Spell
Duration: Instant
Range: Self
Target: Self
Flag Required: Above head
Dispel: n/a
Brief Description: Allows the caster to magically move to their designated home

Ley Lines

When a character first learns the ley lines spell they must select a fixed physical location (and perform a small ceremony if desired) to bind a tiny portion of their spark to it. From then on the character can cast ley lines to magically travel back to that location along the ley lines of Novitas. The location chosen may be changed between events or with game master permission during an event.

Upon completion of the incant to cast this spell the caster is instantly removed from the physical world. Hold up a blue flag and proceed back to your bound location as directly as possible. Only you get transported. Other players cannot be brought with you or instead of you. When a player benefits from ley lines, they drop any sparks they were holding.

Your hands must both be empty to cast ley lines. Any attempts to cast ley lines while your hands are not empty will cause the casting to fail.

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