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Type: Battle
Level: 2
Prerequisite: Level 1 Battle Spell
Duration: 10 minutes
Range: Touch
Target: Weapon
Flag Required: Weapon
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Enchanted weapon functions as a mageblade.


The mageblade spell will turn any weapon into a temporary mageblade weapon.

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A mageblade is a special ability that can be given to weapons, either permanently when crafting a weapon, or temporarily with effects such as the mageblade spell. When someone with a weapon with the mageblade property cast a spell that would create tag bags they may alternatively deliver the spell through the weapon's next successful hit instead of dealing that weapon's normal damage. When channeling a spell through a mageblade you do not require a free hand if the mageblade is in hand.

The call for using a mageblade is the call the spell would have make followed by 'strike'. The number of tag bags the spell would have generated is the number of times you can make that 'strike' also known as charges. These charges must be used within one minute or they are lost. Each successful hit uses one charge even if the target calls "no effect" or you call something other than the strike.

A mageblade may channel tag bag range spells from any source, such as those from wands, scrolls, imbued magic objects, and anything else that functions by allowing you to cast a spell.

Spells that generate a 'poison' call never count as a spell and can never be channelled through a mageblade.

Strike Calls

A strike call indicates that a weapon attack is inflicting a spell's effects instead of its normal damage. 'Strike' attacks always deal a fixed amount of damage based on the spell being used instead of your standard weapon damage. Things that improve your weapon damage have no impact on an attack with the 'strike' call.

Strike calls may never be made blunt even if they come from a melee weapon.

Poison Attacks Are Not Spells

When the poison call is added to any attack even a spell effect such as pin or stun that attack no longer counts as a spell. This means that immunities to spell or compulsion effects no longer apply. The attack is now a poison effect.

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