Magic Strike

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Magic Strike
Type: Battle
Level: 1
Prerequisite: 1 Magic Power Point
Duration: 10 minutes or until discharged
Range: Touched
Target: Melee weapon
Flag Required: Weapon
Dispel: Yes
Brief Description: Melee weapon's next hit deals '4 magic strike'

Magic Strike

Magic strike sheaths a single melee weapon with powerful magical energy. Any character legally wielding that melee weapon will inflict "4 magic strike" damage on their next successful hit.

Related Rules

The Next Legal Hit

Any effect that takes place on the next hit, must be used when the next legal strike lands or they are wasted.

Changing Weapon Calls

When an effect allows you to call for something different with a weapon than you would normally call, you must choose which call to use when you make your attacks. If the something different only applies to the "next successful hit", and you choose not to use it when you make that hit, the effect is wasted.

For example if a character who deals 2 damage with each melee attack has a sword that deals "Nature" damage and they apply Scorpion's Kiss to that weapon so that it can deal "poison weaken" damage for the next successful hit. When they make that successful hit against an opponent they can choose to call "2 nature" or "poison weaken". They may not call "2 Nature poison weaken". Regardless of the effect they choose, the Scorpion's Kiss will be expended after that successful hit.

Strike Calls

A strike call indicates that a weapon attack is inflicting a spell's effects instead of its normal damage. 'Strike' attacks always deal a fixed amount of damage based on the spell being used instead of your standard weapon damage. Things that improve your weapon damage have no impact on an attack with the 'strike' call.

Strike calls may never be made blunt even if they come from a melee weapon.

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